Narrative Essay On A Memorial Day

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Memorial day weekend on May 24, 2014 Around 2:30 p.m my mom, Kathy, my sister, Rachel, and I were sitting in the living room watching Big Brother from previous weeks on the computer. My dad, Brian, was outside building a transmission for a friend of his inside of his morton building. Next thing I know this monster looking truck comes barreling down our twisted driveway as the man reached the house his truck came to a screeching halt and the man jumped out of his truck and began splurging out questions “Are those your cows over there?” and of course my dad counted the cows that were in our pasture to make sure that they were all there and low and behold all twelve of our cows were still in our pasture and minding their business. Brian responded to the man with the big truck and explained “Nope, those aren 't our cows but …show more content…
I had this shooting pain all down my arm. I then slowly paced to my dad who then took me to Urgent Care in Lincoln and my mother stayed back and figured out who 's cows they were and helped return them. Meanwhile as my dad, sister and I were sitting in an Urgent care room waiting for the doctor to give us some type of answer. He then explained to my parents and I that he was very confident that it was broken without even taking an X-ray. But, because of the long weekend the soonest he could get an X-ray in and see the results would be Tuesday the 27th, and highly encouraged us to go to Bryan LGH West Emergency room because Lincoln Orthopedic was at that location and had a doctor on call so next, we rushed to the Emergency room, The nurse in the E.R. asked the annual question “On a Scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, what would you rate the pain?” of course I responded with “ about an 8.5” they then placed me into a room and I waited to get X-rays taken and then proceeded to get a surgery later that

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