Personal Narrative: My Life As A High School Student

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My life as a high school student was coming to an end I was so excited to be finally graduating I couldn’t believe I only had one day left how exciting right! It was a early Thursday morning when I had woken up for school; took a shower, brushed my teeth, and ate breakfast. I had some cereal and some grape juice, it was great until my stomach started to hurt so I decided to take two tums before I headed to the bus stop five minutes later my mom told me to have a great day at school and I started walking on my way there I saw something really strange It was a weird looking dog was I terrified yes I was! I had always been scared of dogs since I was younger however my life flashed before my eyes because he was not only barking at me I had come …show more content…
I got to my seat not to mention we had to wait till everyone got to their seats to sit down. Finally the ceremony had started first they called the valedictorian up to read his speech and then they called the other honors students up to speak but by that time I was ready to get my diploma and leave but after they called the honor students to get there diploma they called everyone else and then we got to leave afterwards. I had graduated and now I was on to college two months had past by since I had graduated and I was ready for my college orientation. Well clearly not ready but I was nervous as always and ready to get it over with as with all the other things in my life that made me supper nervous but my first day of orientation they gave me my papers and told me to sit down so I sat down and waited for them to call us back to the first room finally they called us and that’s where we be banned learning about how college will be and the rules and about some of the classes we got to ask questions of needed and then when we were done we went to a room with computers to sign up for classes I thought to myself this was easier than I

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