Kissing Flowers Monologue

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Kissing Flowers Now that I’m 16, grandma feels that I need to get out the house more. I work at the local clothing store downtown and I’m on the honor roll so, tonight I Decided to give it a shot. My older cousin, Karen, who is 16 as well, is taking me out to a party tonight. I’ve never been real big on partying because that’s all my mom did when she was pregnant with my little sister. “Mom you shouldn’t be drinking,” I said to her. She waddled around the house with a beer bottle in her hand. At the time she was five months pregnant with my baby sister. “You are so right. Maybe you wouldn’t have been born if I didn’t drink so much.” She said. “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t born into this family.” I said. That was almost three years ago and I still remember the pain I felt when she said …show more content…
The one who has taken very good care of me throughout my whole life. The one who loves me unconditionally. The one who took the place of my mother. She is my mother. She taught me how to cook, clean, and have fun. Above all, she taught me how to love myself.
It took me a while to figure out what my name meant to me. Shelby. I’m a beautiful blossom in a field of flowers. I’m a pearl colored shell in the sand on the beach. I am the needle in the haystack. I’m Shelby. To me that means that I’m a beautiful gift from god. A gift my mother didn’t know how to cherish. A gift my grandmother could never forget. I stood above my grandmother as they began to lower her casket into the ground. When I first found out that grandma had died, I felt like somebody stabbed me in the heart. Tears wouldn’t even come out my eyes. I was shocked. She was the only support system I had in my life. God took away my everything. Standing here watching her body being laid to rest saddens me. I can no longer run away to her house when I’m having problems. I’ll be eighteen in a year and a half. I don’t know how I’m going to be able to deal with my mother up until that

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