Personal Narrative: Concert Choir

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It was one week before auditions. Seven days, one-hundred and sixty-eight hours, and what felt like millions of seconds between me and an audition room that would decide my fate. Since the beginning of freshman year, girls would dream about the day they would have the opportunity to sing as a member of the most elite choir at Wayzata High School: Concert Choir. From ten minute Mozart masses to twelve part harmonies, there was not a single student who didn't salivate over the perfect chords and the unblemished sounds that resulted from such an immaculate ensemble.
The days kept getting shorter, but my anxiety was growing exponentially. It was less than a week away, and I had done nothing to prepare. There was no way I was getting in, so why
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“There must be some kind of mistake,” as there were girls on that list that deserved the spot far more than I did. Instead of being swarmed with excitement, I felt guilty. “Why did I get in?” These other girls are so talented. It took awhile, but I got over the remorse and decided this was something to shine about, and one of the biggest accomplishments in my 16 years.
Hours of practice outside of school and rigorous rehearsals. Concert Choir is not all butterflies and rainbows. We have long days, and excruciating practices. We are not perfect, and we make mistakes. For the first time in my life, choir is hard. Finding perfect harmonies is not as easy as do, re, mi.
In spite of the challenge, I have found a passion for music. I discovered a love for something I would never have pursued if I was not forced out of my comfort zone. My choir teachers required that I try out for something I thought I had no chance in, and for that I am forever grateful. To this day, getting into Concert Choir has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I have met some of my best friends, but most of all, I have learned to believe in myself. This event exemplifies that within the face of adversity, conquering one’s fears is essential to growing as a

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