Narrative Essay About Who I Am

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Life itself is a story, and although I would want to share my entire life story to give a clear understanding of who I am and why I am this way, I suppose I should not overwhelm. My life is full of great stories: stories of victory, of trial and error, of loss and failure, and of perseverance and strength. However, there is one particular adventure I encountered that accounts for most of who I am and forever will be; that being the year my father went to war. I had grown up in the military; I had moved form place-to-place and experienced many months where my dad was away. Every time my father was deployed I had full assurance of his return, but one time I was not so sure. It was in 2010 and my dad had been assigned to go overseas to Iraq. None other deployment had …show more content…
I did everything within my power to try to make my mom as happy as possible, but there are some things a nine-year-old cannot do. Part of trying to help my mother was to watch over my younger siblings: a six-year-old brother and a newly adopted two-year-old sister. I tried my best, but often found myself trying to take on the parenting role my father had left behind, which was a invitation for conflicts. Along with this situation, school was also priority; accompanying school was my social life. I still had friends, but I felt distant as hardly any of them could understand what I was going through. All these circumstances and more would remain constant throughout the entire year my father would be away.
After a year of hardships, quarrels, tears, my family and I stood strong and withstood all that came our way and were finally ready to embrace the return of my dad. Through out this experience I learned about the importance of family and the importance of being there for them and protecting them. I also realized part of the duty of becoming a man: integrity, bravery, and having courage and standing strong when others

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