Winter Break Narrative

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The last few weeks of school before winter break passed quickly. I wasn’t mad at her and would usually look at her but communication between us was scarce if any. She rarely looked at me and never laughed at what I said. It was as if her spirit had died that day after the game. I couldn’t bare to see her like that. The once joyful and happy young girl I had met that first day of school, turned into a dull and hopeless living creature. That’s when I gave up on her.
The last day of school for the first semester had arrived. Our graduating class had the privilege to go altogether to a place to play and eat. A few weeks before we picked the "Secret Santa" thing from within our class. "Great" I said sarcastically upon looking at the name. "Nicole Lockhart". I asked my friends what I should do, what I should give her, they didn’t help. They didn’t know. Our situation was so complicated that there wasn’t anything big to do.
"Bro, the only thing YOU CAN DO, is to actually tell her how you felt,
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For the first time in my life, Gabriel got mad. I have never seen him like this, as if the kind, helpful and tolerant Gabriel I saw, wasn’t there. I went to him and tried to calm him down but he started shouting at me. I was hurt, but I wasn’t going to let him get into a fight, I loved him. I couldn’t stand to see something like that, so I stopped him. I gave him a hug and he stopped. Sadly, my dad saw what I did. After the game continued my dad took me by the hand and led me outside. He told me. 'If I ever see you do something like that IN YOUR LIFE! I will have you withdrawn from that school immediately! You understand? ' I couldn’t hold it. He couldn’t do something like that to me, but he did. Why? I don’t understand. I started crying so much. I knew I had to go inside, I sat down and saw the rest of the game in silence. But my worst fears came

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