Narrative Essay About Stress

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Distress Nobody can recall what has happened in the past decade. Many people were killed, country’s were destroyed. Disasters struck one after another. Me, being a lucky one, I knew I had to stay strong for my family, my friends, my group, and myself. I sort of became a leader. I guess I should go back a few years… It came out of nowhere, whatever it was. I just remember it faintly, now it’s just a faded memory I don’t want to re-live. It started out as a regular day, I was about 15 at the time. I remember getting dropped off at school, just a normal day. My mother saying her goodbyes and I love you’s, my sister replying with the same. I didn’t, I never did. I guess I just thought I was too old for that, an act of embarrassment to myself. …show more content…
The normal gossip through the hallways was fluttering. Then, all of a sudden, the ground starts shaking tremendously. The cries of the scared students ringing through the halls. Taking shelter under the desks. It was very uncomfortable.
I remember looking at my friend the look on her face as if she just seen a ghost. Then, as if that wasn’t terrible enough, the clouds started swirling with the accompanying rain pelting down and the thunder roaring in the sky. Everyone was running to safety at this point.
I remember briefly looking at my phone and found a text from my father. It read “ If anything happens tonight, I want you to remember I love you” as if he knew this wasn’t some everyday storm. I walked out of the room to catch a glimpse of the damage. The earthquake was so horrid that it ripped my school in half. Debris was everywhere, and the rain tickled my skin. I found my friends and belted on them, “Get to safety, i’ll text you when the storm stops!” The school didn’t know what to do and they couldn’t control everyone. The administrators were too busy thinking of themselves, so I remember running as fast as I could in the midst of the pouring rain. I ran to the nearest house and took shelter, were random folks accepting me in. Soaking wet, my body as red as Elmo. We made way to their
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With the little arch in her back and her eyes as grey as the sky above, she extended her arms filled with blankets. I was trembling cold, as i nearly had ice cycles pouring from my nose. She gave me some canned fruit and went to check on her husband. She reminded me of my grandmother, caring and sweet. Something came over me; I started crying my eyes out. I couldn’t help but think if my sister was all right, or even my mother. I didn’t worry much about my father because I knew he could take care of himself. I sat there in these random folks cellar for a good few

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