Reflective Essay: My First Spanish Class

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After dropping out of my first Spanish class part way through the semester, then deciding to retake the class after a year was probably a mistake. Spanish wasn’t my strong suit, I never cared for learning another language, especially if it involved working. My senior year of high school was all about doing as little as possible while still maintaining a good enough grade to graduate. Spanish was challenging in the sense that I actually had to work for my grade and participate in class activities. Spanish class taught me a lot more than just another language even though there were many struggles throughout the semester.
Walking into Spanish class for the first was just like every regular class. Brick walls and a couple windows to make the room look less like a prison. The only differences were classmates and a teacher who had a thick Puerto Rican accent. I never liked
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I constantly had to study, make flashcards, and look things up online. My new teacher had expected more from me and I couldn’t slack off. I spoke Spanish every day in class, also being a volunteer to speak in front of the class on my own. There were times I had to ask for help on how to spell words, were accent marks went or how to pronounce something but that’s something I did not do in high school which made things a lot harder to figure out. Taking Spanish was a great experience and ended up being very beneficial without realizing it at the time.
Taking Spanish helped me realize that you need to study and work toward something if you actually want to become good at it. Learning Spanish was also a great help for my future careers. Occasionally I will get phone calls from people in Spanish and I will need to know what they are saying. Although I could use a translator some words translate differently so it is easier to have learned a new language. Spanish was difficult to learn at times but with some effort can be conquered easily in no

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