Personal Narrative: How Prom Changed My Life

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As we progress through life, we create memories that remind is of the good times we had and why we became what we did. Pictures depict a thousand words, but their sentimental value can never be fragmented. The memories we create in life and the pictures that capture them mean the most to us when it was done by the side of someone valuable to our life. Prom, one of the biggest events in high school, can be scary. Especially for me because my parents never had prom. My first prom, during junior year, could not have been possible without my friend Gisselle Guzman as my date. Neither of us knew what to expect, so it stressed out the both of us. You would think it turned out to be a disaster, but on the contrary, it went great. That day became another historic moment, in my life, that I will live to tell about years from now. I went with one my closest friends who I had known for a while, which made it even more special. Grateful cannot express how I felt to have asked her to prom, rather than someone else. She never looked any more beautiful than the day she walked out the front door in her red dress that matched the color of her lipstick, along with the golden detail on the train …show more content…
The whole first week, she cried and cried. Every day I would pick her up and buy her a happy meal, because I knew a toy and chicken nuggets would cheer her up. On that Friday, she had a doctor’s appointment. It seemed pointless to go home, eat, and then go to the doctor’s office. Instead, I took her to the park, which remained closer to the doctor’s office than my house. Before we left, I knew I needed to take a picture. While we headed back to my truck, I noticed the two foot cobblestone wall while we passed the picnic gazebo. I noticed how good a tree by the cobblestone wall would look good with the open background. I quickly snapped a picture of her giving the cheesiest smile, while she held her chocolate

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