Narrative Essay About My Nephew Baby

my nephew's birth: A new baby entering the world, isn't that fantastic? Well, assisting to a child's birth and taking care of him since day two, has been so far the best experience in my life with several joys and challenges. Here is the story of my nephew, Ariel-Noah, born on February 23, 2017. It was on Thursday February 23, 2017 at 5:00 am that my sister left the house to go for her c-section appointment that morning. The days before my sister gave birth, everyone at home tried to make her feel comfortable and less pressured My brother, her husband, her first two little girls and I, made fun of everything, even those things that were not really funny, we tried our best to make my sister feel …show more content…
It was hilarious, but this moment was as exciting as having a huge cup full of ice cream for some five year old kid. I was so happy and thankful for their health. My sister came home on Monday, after some minor complications with the baby at the hospital, but thank God, they arrived home safely. Here, came the real responsibility,after my sister gave birth, she had to return to school a week after, at this point, I majored in babysitting. I had to clean my nieces mess, sometimes cook after school, while taking care of the baby and never forgetting I had to get my assignments done. It was a stressful period for everyone at home, we all had to run on daily bases and however made our way out of it. Today, my nephew is nine months and has grown up so fast, I never had thought of experiencing such a tough, challenging, but marvellous experience. I grew up from this story, I learned how to cook some dishes, how to handle nephews, how to maintain order in a house, how to cope with stressful periods at times, how to manage school work and house chores sometimes. I learned from it too, that, not every teenager has the same life and every individual has his/her personal battles, no one should be judged out there but highly respected, regardless of any assets or features but mostly because they too have a fight they are making every single

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