Narrative Essay About How I Was Taken Away

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Taken In school, when my teacher had asked the class if anyone has a person that they idolize in their life because of something that they have done to that person or another person. I decided to ask my dad to come in and tell the story. The story about how I was taken. Taken away from everything, my friends, my family, my house, and almost my life.
On May 24, 2008, my dad came to school with me. “Hello everyone, the person I chose to come in today is my father, Apollo. He is my idol. Not just because he does everything for me, but also because he literally saved me from almost dying one day.” I said.
“It was August 18, 2005. Just another typical day. I didn't think much of anything that day.” He said. “Blazagot ready for school just like
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I looked all over the house, outside, and at school because I thought she went to school.” Dad said.
But he did not know that I was in the back of a truck going who knows where. Dad also told me that he was afraid to go find me by himself. He was always afraid of being alone and not having anyone help him with anything. He didn't want anyone taking him either.
“And here is where the adventure begins! Both literally and figuratively.” Dad said. Dad left a note on the table for my mom along with dinner, stating, “Balazs is missing, I didn't tell you because I did not want you to worry while you were working, I am going to find her right now with Nimah, don't worry I will talk to you later! Xoxo, Apollo.”
My mom works 12-18 hour shifts at a time. He always makes sure that my mom is taken care of when she comes home. And lately, Nimah and my dad have been doing alot together because her husband works a lot also. So sometimes she will pick me and and sometimes dad will pick up her daughter.
“Nimah and I first started off looking in the neighborhood in backyards, driveways, pools, anywhere you could possibly imagine. We looked in trash cans because we were that desperate and hopeful that she was in there. Sadly she wasn't.” Dad said. When my dad told me this part, I laughed. I said, “Dad, I can't believe you thought I was in a trash
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They have been searching for hours for me, still in the town that we live in. It's not even that the town is so big, it's just that they were very cautious with everything that they were passing and looking at. Meanwhile, I am still in the back of the car and I fell the temperature in the air drop, that only means one thing, that its starting to get late. Its pitch black in the truck, I can't see anything. I'm trying not to move around alot because I don't want to make a lot of noise. Right where I am, I roll over on my side and close my eyes. I am not really that tired but at the same time I know I have a long time ahead of

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