Narrative Essay About Friends

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Legs shaking, heart beating, yet it feels like my world had completely frozen. Thinking back to what my mom told me on the phone, I regretted I didn’t take every of her word from our conversion seriously. It was a summer afternoon; it felt like any other summer days. It was hot and humid from the summer heat. That day, in the morning I went to meet up with my two closest friends: Sara and Melanie. I met Sara in 6th grade and we had been friends for ten years. Sara is a unique friend. To me, she’s one of those friends that you can share everything with and I mean everything. And sometimes I share a bit too much with her. She’s very blunt and a bit too honest sometimes, but that’s what I like about her. While Melanie is another close friend …show more content…
The parking lot was very cramped and the drive through was narrow so I had to park my car very carefully. After getting off the car, we decided to explore downtown. After an hour of walking around, we decided to go back to our usual hangout place because we couldn’t find any place which was fun to us. While walking to the elevator which will take us to our parking lot level, I found two guys standing in front of the elevator already. When we all got in, I realized we were all heading to the same floor. Just when I got off the elevator, my mom called. My mom loves to worry. She would always call me to check on me which makes me feel loved. Ever since I started driving, my mom would always call me when I go out with my car. She would always ask me where I am and tell me to be extra careful following a personal story of hers’. How she once got into an accident or how others got into an accident because they were being careless. After telling me to be extra careful she would also add on what happen to one of my relative’s personal car accident story. She asked me where I was and I told her, “I’m in downtown right now and I’m heading home now because it’s too crowded”. Since mandarin was my mom’s main language, our whole conversion was in mandarin. Upon mentioning where I was, she started giving me a whole lecture of how I should be careful and drive extra careful when I’m out. After hearing her nagging for almost the 10th time that month, I told her, “Ok, ok, I got it” and hung up without a hint of

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