Narrative Essay About Bullying

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What did I do to make these “friends” hate me so. Was I mean to them, did I do something to upset them? I have always been introverted, but then you got to know me, I was loyal. But when someone talked bad about me or bullied me, I would just let it happen. I can’t fight them. It has happened to me for a while, by many people, many times. And being bullied has shaped me into the person I am today, because it did make me depressed, disconnected and I don’t really trust people anymore. Bullying comes in many shapes, sizes, and people, it is hard for anyone. But I will never forget how it made me view myself. I was lost, I didn’t know what to do I feel like I couldn’t defend myself even though I knew how. I tried to fix it by myself. It got to me, BAD I needed help but I couldn’t ask for it. So I did what I thought you had to do if you feel this way, I cut! Just once, and it made me feel something abnormal, and I thought “is this what I’m supposed to feel, but it doesn’t feel right?” I just thought that was what I need to do to feel happy, to get back to being the …show more content…
I didn’t know what to do or how to handle my sadness so I did what I thought was good/right for me. And so when I started to open up and get back to the old me, I told some friends, what I was going through. And I made them swear to never tell ANYONE! But one person told, and I still don't know who, or how I feel about it. But they told a teacher, and she told a consolers and they told my mom, and that was one thing I never wanted to put her through. I didn't think she would even notice, I felt like she was disconnected, and I don't like to put her through the pain I want her to be happy and do what she wants to do. But she put me into therapy and everyone said I was sick in the head and I need to fix that or nothing good will ever happen again, so I

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