Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Being An Actual Student In High School

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I lay on the floor of the Royalton Elementary cafeteria not able to move, for I had been hit by something in the head. But what hit me? I was just walking. How would I not see something right in front of my eyes?
As a kindergartener, it would be my first year of being an actual student in a school and being a so called “big girl.” I had been five years old and just begun kindergarten when my first injury that brought me to the hospital happened. I used to be a very safe and organized young girl. I always took care of my body. My parents made sure I did not participate in any dangerous activities with neighborhood children. As I played with Barbies and The Littlest Pet Shops on the floor of the cafeteria during after school MAP, My After-school
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My mother walked through the same doors of the office that I went through moments before, and it lead her to the door of the nurse’s office. As I examine her face, I noticed she looks very worried and concerned about her only daughter. After both parents arrived, they noticed that my head needed more than just a princess band-aid and decided to bring me to the emergency room right away to get examined. My father drove and my mother sat in the back seat with me with my head in one hand and rubbed the other along my right as I bawled. As my father drove, he took his right hand off of the steering wheel and brought it back to touch my leg every now and then as if he tried to show he was sorry about what happened. His gentle touch calmed me, but not enough to cease the …show more content…
My pain reached an all time high. When I would take off the towel to see how much blood soaked into it, all the air would get sucked in which made it sting. “Gabrielle Enneking,” said a nurse. My parents and I followed her as she lead us to a room with a big chair with thin, white paper that ran along it. The nurse told me to take a seat on the paper and wait for the doctor. My father took a sat on it first and lifted me to sit on his lap as I cried in his arms. When my doctor showed up, he could see I was not thrilled and did not want to be there. As the doctor examined my hairline he said, “Your wound is about one inch in length and a half an inch deep.” Then, he presented me with the information that I will be needing five stitches to close my wound. When he pulled out his supplies, I saw the needle he would soon be using to numb my forehead. As he began to come near me, my heart started pounding more and more with every step he took. Finally, he took his last step to reach me. The doctor warned me the shot will hurt a lot, and believe me it sure did. The medicine tried to keep me from feeling pain, but I cried even more. It was the absolute worst feeling I ever felt, but after about two minutes of the medicine being in my system, my wound started to swell, and a tingling sensation numbed the top of my head . The doctor started to sew my wound together and stuck the

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