Work Hard In School And Listen To Your Parents?

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“Work hard in school and listen to your parents. They really do want the very best for you and have been where you’re going.” This a quote by Rob Paulsen, an American voice actor, and singer who has done many voice roles in various films, television shows, and video games. This quote connects to something that happened to me many years ago, that led to me getting stitches for the first time.
This event took place many years ago, around kindergarten or first grade. My dad, mom, and my two sisters, Alexa and Ashley, were all involved in the event. I will also refer to the doctor as Dr. Jeff. The accident took place here in California. At one point, I even had to go to the Tarzana emergency room but that happened later on. My accident took place
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“Come here!” I said. He came over and looked at me. His face went pale, he froze, he had a look of pure terror in his eyes. “Am I bleeding?” I said on the verge of crying.
“No,” he said faintly. He quickly covered the wound on my head with his hand. “Ashley get a washcloth and put warm water in it!” My dad said. I saw blood trickle down from my face to the floor. I began crying. Ashley came over and gave the washcloth to my dad. My dad put it on my head. My mom was away from home with my sister somewhere, and my dad called her and told her to come to the house. Once my mom got home we rushed into the white GMC we used as the family car. My dad swiftly drove to the urgent care near our
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Eventually, we were told I couldn’t be treated there. So we rushed back into the car as fast as we could and drove to the Tarzana Emergency room. I got some medical cloth called gauze, to cover my head so I didn’t have to put the blood-drenched washcloth to my head anymore. I looked around at the scene happening around me as I was rushed to a bed. I got onto the bed and got some more of the cloth to cover my wound with. The gauze went from a ghostly white to blood red in an instant. I began to wonder how much blood I had lost as the fountain of blood spewed from my forehead. My mom felt like I needed a plastic surgeon to treat me, so my father and sisters got to hold my hand and tell me everything will be okay as a screamed louder than a jet engine. “Hunter everything will be alright.” My dad would

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