Nanjing Massacre Essay

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In the event of when the Japanese military took over Nanjing in 1937. Although they have any sides of the story. Throughout history, people use different words to describe this event, rape,massacre,invention and battle. Although the term massacre describes this event the best.
The term that describes this event the best is massacre. As historians dig deeper and the more evidence the just describe a massacre. “Mass killing and ravaging of Chinese citizens and capitulated soldiers by soldiers of the Japanese Imperial Army ... The number of Chinese killed in the massacre has been subject to much debate, with most estimates ranging from 100,000 to more than 300,000.” This evidence provides us the estimated amount of people killed. It also tells
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“During the Nanking Massacre, the Japanese committed a litany of atrocities against innocent civilians, including mass execution, raping, looting, and burning.” This quote fits perfectly with the definition of massacre. The victims were innocent and they were killed brutally. The Chinese people were burned, raped, executed,buried alive and beheaded.The term massacre fits perfectly in this situation.
Another reason the will support that the term massacre is the word to use in this context is that if the Japanese found you useless they would kill you.”Chinese civilians who were stopped on the street, and found to possess nothing of value, were immediately killed.” If you were a Chinese man you were dead as soon as they found you. The slaughtered all the men that were useless to them, which were most of the men and children.
The next best term to be used in this context is rape. Rape is the second best term because all the women were found useful in a way. “Women were killed in indiscriminate acts of terror and execution, but the large majority died after extended and excruciating gang-rape.” Most of the women died from the Japanese troops using them for their own pleasure. Large amounts of women died.That is why rape is the second best term to use in this

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