Student Speech-Language-Hearing Case

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1. Background:
Jxx is a 3-year-old male who was referred to the NIU Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic by his preschool teacher due to language concerns and obvious differences in his speech and language from his peers. Per his mother, he has many thoughts and ideas to share, but he does not have all necessary grammatical parts of a sentence when he is speaking. Per parent report, Jxx spoke his first words at around 21 months. He began speaking in sentences at 2 years and 6 months. Language delays are common in Jxx’s family. Per parent report, there are no other health concerns. His mother wants to be able to help him.

Primary Presenting Problem: Expressive Language Disorder

Family concerns include Jxx having a lack of grammatical structures
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Dxx is a 27-month-old female who was referred by her grandmother to the NIU Speech-Language-Hearing clinic due to concerns about her speech and language. Per grandmother, she is not talking and has difficulty with expressing thoughts. She does not communicate to indicate wants and needs and resorts to behaviors when there is a miscommunication. Per family, Dxx produces vocalizations to indicate she wants food, but she is unable to tell her family what she wants to eat. Her mother is concerned and is seeking professional help.

Primary Presenting Problem: Expressive Language
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They have also expressed concerns about Dxx not talking. They have concerns about her expressive language and the need for Dxx to be able to tell her family and caregivers what she wants and needs. An audiologist should be included on the team to screen for any hearing loss or hearing problems that may be contributing to the expressive language delay. An occupational therapist may also need to be consulted to rule out any deficits in motor function that could be associated with this expressive language disorder. The family and caregivers would also need to be included in this process of evaluation and treatment because they spend the most time with their child, and they are the expert on their child. Due to the expressive language disorder, Dxx has a difficult time expressing herself in social settings. This may lead to even more frustration and behaviors because they are the easiest form of communicating for her at that point in time. She may have difficulties with being included in preschool due to her language

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