Hop On Pop: A Treatment Plan

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Based on this diagnosis, a treatment plan has been established in order to assist J.A. with her speech. The focus of therapy would be to increase her intelligibility and focus primarily on limiting the frequency of phonological processes and increasing the functionally of her speech. The Cycles approach will be implemented to provide systematic correction of several phonemes simultaneously. This approach will also positively affect J.A. intelligibility more quickly given the multiple errors that she produces. The Cycles approach incorporates perceptual training through auditory bombardment, coloring activities and verbal production. This is will help the client with multiple stimulation of the targeted therapy, helping with perception and awareness. Below is a list of 3 long term goals to help J.A. with her speech production. Each long term goal has 3 short term goals associated in …show more content…
If client attends well and participates, then a game of play doh will be implemented. If the client is combative, this reinforcement will be delayed until behavior is corrected.
Minimal pair picture cards will be implemented, focusing on CVC words. The book
‘Hop on Pop ‘ by Dr Seuss will be used for the phonological awareness activity.
Type and Schedule Reinforcement (RF)
Continuos verbal praise will be given once target productions are made. Implementation of play activities will be incorporated as needed based on the client progress and attention

Long Term Goal #3: The client will produce fricatives in initial, medial and final position with 80% accuracy.
Baseline: 0/10 opportunities: 0% (as of 11/30/16)

Short term Goals: 1) The client will produce /s/ in final position with 80% accuracy. 2) The client will produce /f/ in initial position with 80%

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