NIIT Technologies Case Study

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NIIT Technologies is a leading global IT solutions organization-servicing customers across the
Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. Differentiated on the strength of its industry expertise,
NIIT Technologies services clients in travel and transportation, banking and financial services, insurance, manufacturing and media verticals, offering a range of services including Application
Development and Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, and Business Process Management.
Focused on Digital Services, the Company is helping businesses design agile, scalable and digital operating models. NIIT Technologies adheres to major global benchmarks and standards of quality and Information Security. NIIT’s learning outsourcing services are built on the sound
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Evolving technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, and data analytics are offering new revenue streams and distinct opportunities for richer insights. The cornerstone of NIIT’s digital vision is creating emotionally empathetic experiences (E3). Clients expect tangible business value across digital experiences, business operations, and business model transformation. Digital services stack enables businesses to strategize, build, and leverage evolving technologies and create market-ready solutions with radical benefits. They vertically focuses on Travel and Transportation, Insurance, and Wealth Management, allows us to leverage industry and digital expertise to deliver effective and emotionally empathetic experiences to our clients. Through Digital E3 approach, they prioritize end user experience and build next-gen digital solutions focused on select verticals to generate maximum …show more content…
NIIT Technologies recognizes the power of geospatial technology and strongly believes that Geographic Information System (GIS) benefits must permeate all industries and organizations, enabling businesses across verticals to make informed, location-specific decisions. In an effort to turn this vision into reality, we have continually serviced the needs of global GIS markets through our focused, innovative, and efficient services in all areas of spatial technology and

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