Assignment 1: A Personal Reflection

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1. I successfully completed N-glycan, site specific-glycopeptides, and SEC (size-exclusion chromatography) analysis on several big batches of M710 RPP and process development samples in a timely manner.
I am very dedicated to the tests I performed. The process of each analysis is complicated and often requires several days of lab-intensive work, and it is common to receive multiple tests at the same time. In order to meet the tight timeline, I rationally prioritize my tests, and plan my time to perform multiple tests in parallel. I also work very closely with my manager Jing, to ensure optimal synergies and efficiency. To avoid self-confusion and increase efficiency, I developed good experiment practice and record the steps and results consistently and accurately. After I completed a batch of experiments, I looked back and reflected my performance during the last
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I hope to have opportunities to learn more tests beyond my current projects and provide support to my colleagues if needed.
5. I hope to gain more hand-on experience in LC-MS instrument maintenance and method setup to further strengthen my skills on LC-MS.

Key Strength:

1. Communication: I am an excellent communicator. I can convey my idea to my co-workers clearly and concisely. I always keep my co-workers and my manager Jing informed of the progress. In addition, I constantly communicate with them about the work priorities, instrument time assignment and experiment problems.
2. Adaptability and Flexibility: I am a quick learner and can rapidly adapt to altered work environment. I am able to work independently with minimum guidance. I also have a flexible mindset and can accommodate tasks and schedule changes in a short notice.
3. Multitasking: I prioritize and plan my work every day and I can work on multitasks nicely.
4. Knowledge: I have rich experience and knowledge on LC-MS, and eager to learn more. I can operate the instruments professionally for the project with minimum training.

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