Mysteries Of The Trinity Essay

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Shannon Riechers
SMC 1314- Foundation of Reflection: God
Dr. Frechette
October 17, 2016
The Mysteries of the Trinity
The New Testament contains the concept of the Trinity, which is a certain train of thought that allows Christians to understand the relationship between God’s three entities: father, son, Holy Spirit. This paper ask, why did Christians choose to develop and believe in the Trinity. How they had to think of a way to describe God as the creator, human, and Spirit. Focusing on how other religious groups tried and failed to describe what role Jesus plays in their religion. This paper provides background on how each of the three forms on the trinity interconnect together to make one God.
Statement of the Question 1. “Why did Christians choose to develop and believe in the Trinity?” To clarify that question, I will be specifically looking at the
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Ultimately, Jesus Christ was one of the main reason why the Trinity was created. Christians had to come together and discuss who Jesus was to them. He was God. Jesus was included in the Trinity because he provides people a more personal connection towards God. Jesus provides this connection by his unique quality of Godly powers but in a human body on earth. This confused people because God is known as the creator of the universe, so how could Jesus, a human, create the universe? There were multiple religions such as Gnosticism that tried to come up with ways on to understand who Christ is. Another issue is the way sacred scripture discusses Jesus walking through walls and appearing to the Apostles as a Spirit. Christians had to come up with a way to try and relate to these phenomena. They came up with the Trinity how God is the Father, son, and Holy Spirit. This concept helped people feel more connected to God. God the Father is the creator of the universe. God the Son is Jesus Christ that came down to earth as a human. God the Holy Spirit is the presence of God in

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