My Writing Style Of My English Class Essay

1109 Words Dec 14th, 2016 5 Pages
Over the past several weeks, I have inquired different perspectives of the essays I have written in my English class. There been multiple times where I have struggled constructing different areas in writing due to several reasons. My strengths and weakness are generalized in areas such as structure, vocabulary, style, grammar and format. Moreover it indicated different path roads, in educating myself in being a better scholar. While developing the ideas and writing the major assignments, I realized it helped challenged me to learn and develop new skills on my writing. Nevertheless, all of my assignments of the English course helped me improve in different fields of writing a distinguished paper.
In the beginning of the semester, I was quite anxious in the introduction of my English course, especially when the first major assignment was assigned. For the first major assignment, the class was instructed to write a narrative paper, through my perspective I found it intriguing by the idea of it. Especially in my high school career my teachers would not emphasize the importance of the narrative writing style. In addition, the assignment became more interesting when Professor Torres, described the depths of literacy. Through basic knowledge I limited literacy to scholarly journals, article and books; however Professor Torres directly explained how literacy takes part of everyone’s daily life’s. Therefore the class was open to pick any literacy type that involved more than just…

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