Essay about My Writing - Original Writing

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A woman by the name of Anne Tyler once said "If I waited until I felt like writing I 'd never write" I never realized how true this was until my teacher made me write a short story. I hated writing. Research papers, speeches, stories, I didn 't like them. I didn’t they were necessary.

I had a creative writing class in the 11th grade. The class was just put on my schedule. I didn’t want the class so, just like the other students in that class, I tried to get out it. Nobody could leave. Therefore, I expected the worst.

I was wrong about creative writing. It wasn’t bad at all. The teacher always had fun activities for us to do. One day, she gave the class an assignment to write a short story about anything. At first, I thought it was a terrible idea. No one, including myself, wanted to write a short story. I didn’t think that I could write a creative story but, I knew I had to.

She told us to think of five different things that just come to mind. Then, we had to write those five things down. For some reason, my five things were weird to me. I wrote down: panda, flowers, fingernails, food, and an album by the name of Pink Syrup. She proceeded to tell the class to pick our favorite thought then write about it.

My favorite one, at the time, was Pink Syrup. I had absolutely no clue how to write a short story about an album. Freaking out a little bit, She calmed me by saying that We had two weeks to write it and that we would spend class time writing it. The first…

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