My Writing Experiences

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Even though I have had many lifelong experiences that affect the way I read and write today, I have a few that stand out more than others. Certain experiences such as the task of writing my own essay and writing my own memoirs have developed the person I am today. An individual who enjoys writing exactly what they mean and can speak passionately about something in which they have an interest in. My intricate experience with writing not only makes me a better author, but also lets me express my identity more by giving me an outlet for my thoughts. When I first started writing, I was always uneasy whenever I got a writing assignment. My apprehension was caused by always finding myself glaring at a piece of paper, having no idea what I was going …show more content…
I was always under the constant stress of having to come into class with a speech written and well rehearsed and often had to stay up late nights. Although the work was tough, I learned a lot about speech and debate while still having the freedom to write what I want, without following a strict curriculum. My most favorite experience in this program started off in my dorm room… Even with distractions left and right of me, I worked and worked to complete my speech on Pro-American domestic policy due the next day. I glanced at the clock, 12:00 AM, 1:00 AM, I needed to get this work completed to share with over 200 people. As I’m working, I almost leaped out of my seat as the fire alarm was roaring from the hallway with everyone on the whole Cambridge campus evacuating. It felt like years before they let me back into the building to continue working on my speech. I started to sense accomplishment as my speech was nearing completement. After rehearsing the speech for over 45 minutes to work out all the bugs... It was 2:45 AM and I was finished and awaiting the short hours before I had to publicly speak. I learned many things from this experience; first of all, never leave anything to the last minute and complete your work if it is important to you, even if that means staying up most of the night hunched over a computer screen. I also learned that I am the type of person that likes to read and write about the topics that interest me, not a selected topic from a teacher. I feel this instance made me love informative, current events writing and actually enjoy the work I am putting a lot of time

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