Disney Intership Reflection

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Working with the Walt Disney Company has always been a dream of mine. I accomplished that dream a little over two years ago when I started as a normal part time Cast Member at the Disneyland Resort. Due to unforeseen circumstance I had to leave the Disney in order to focus more time and effort on schooling. Eventually I came around to my junior year at Biola and started looking into the possibilities of applying for internships. It is then that I came across the Disney College Program website.
I ended up doing a ton of research on the program and found it to be a unique program that allowed participants to network with leaders within the company, to take part in personal and career development classes, and be able to build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, guest service and effective communication. I remember the websites emphasizing that professionals from every field agree that an academically oriented work experience provides students with the tools they need to compete effectively in today 's job market, and how the Disney College Program offers students such an experience.
My career goal when I submitted my
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In these classes I was able to take different sets of personality tests and apply them to my role within the company. One of the tests that I took was the Career Liftoff assessment. In the results it told me that I ranked highly in jobs that were in the realms of Counseling, Education, and Personal Caring Services. All of these jobs fell under the SOCIAL occupational category, meaning that I like to work with others rather then things according to the study. I was able to apply this to my work environment by working GSO (Guest Service Operations) parade shifts in which I was able to work with my cast as well as to interact with guests more. I enjoyed working these shifts because I was able to engage with people more so than I would working an

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