My Views On Writing Techniques Essay

1274 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
After taking English 100 I feel like I have a lot more knowledge about writing than I did before. Through the course of this semester I learned many different writing techniques such as analyzing a poem and evaluating arguments to create my own. I also learned skills such as using library resources to find academic sources and using MLA style format in my essays. This class has really helped me to improve my writing, and I believe I will continue to use what I have learned in my future writing.
I believe one of my biggest strengths as a writer is organization of my thoughts. Before writing my essays I try to make an outline of how I will structure the essay, and I believe that has helped me stay organized in my writing. My most organized essays were my first, second, and fifth essays. I organized my classroom analysis essay by the senses, starting with sight, touch, and then hearing. I organized my poem analysis essay by describing the night and what it meant and then describing the light and what that meant in Carl Sandburg’s poem “Window”. Lastly, I organized my personal narrative by chain of events. I described the before, during, and after of my car accident. In this class I learned different writing strategies and I believe that transferred into different ways of organizing my essays as well.
In addition to organization, I believe my concrete details and descriptions in my essays are another one of my strengths as a writer. In my classroom analysis and personal…

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