My Views On The American Society Essays

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In the 20 years that I lived in the United States, I see traditions that my parents still live by which I don’t really approve of. The reason is in the Jewish Bukharin culture their things that I just find absurd. There aren’t relevant to the American society compared to how it was back in Russia. In my parents perspective, they thought I was insane because I wasn’t following their way of how they grew up. They thought since I was born in America I was thought “propaganda” and I accepted the American society. In my eyes, the American society is a diverse society made among subcultures like mine, which make up the American culture. Not everything was necessary to bring to the table in America. Of course, there were some aspects that I really liked about my culture. My parents always believed if I wasn’t planning to be married by right after I finish college they told I was just wasting my time. They told me I should I be a barber or jeweler and just married right away if that wasn’t my original plan. Being married at 22 is absurd. Although hopefully, I would finish college I would need a job to support a family. My parents always gave me the phrase “Hey if we did it you can do it too.” This wasn’t what I wanted at all. Being married at age 22 means that my life would forever know as going to work, support a family and the end. Also, my parents’ want me married from an arranged marriage. So it 's not a person I want it’s the person they want. In my personal opinion, I…

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