My Views On My View On Relationships Essay

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My view on relationships isn’t what I would wish it could be. I wish I could say that I firmly believe that two people can love each other forever and things won’t fall apart. I wish I could say that happiness could exist in one space for a lifetime, but I haven’t seen it happen yet. My belief in that is limited, I hope with my entirety that one day I will be able to look back on my life and realize that I was happy and that while there are always rough patches, I had a wonderful relationship with life.
I was born into a family where I was my father’s first child, but my mother already had two daughters. Her ex-husband came around sometimes to pick up my sisters, but that stopped by the time I was around seven. My sister’s both resented (and still resent to this day) the fact that I had a dad who actually wanted me around and enjoyed hanging out with me. I love my sisters entirely, but their resent towards me really damaged me as a child. I could feel it, and they wouldn’t play with me or include me in anything that they were doing, so I was alone a lot at home.
My family is dysfunctional at best. We love each other, but none of us know how to effectively communicate without hurting each other. I was brought up to hold every emotion that I had inside of me, because my mother and father didn’t know how to respond. I immersed myself in books, the characters I read about became my only friends. Places like Hogwarts and Battle School became my safe places, and I tried to make…

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