Milk And Honey Analysis

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The biggest importance of milk and honey (rupi kaur) to me is the various lessons I’ve learned from the book. These lessons cover many topics like self-love and emotional justification; points of view and understanding; relationships along with their doubts; self-growth, healing, and balance. Self-love and emotional justification are worth the learning, not only for girls of my age but any person ever. The book has taught me several ways in which I should love and appreciate myself as well as saying all felt emotions are justifiable even without reason. Coming from a hard childhood, there are times where you feel that your emotions are not valid and people do not accept them, but in reality, all emotions are valid since something has caused …show more content…
Due to seeing these points of views and coming to understand them, I feel as if I’m creating a better relationship with my mother. “i struggle so deeply to understand how someone can pour their entire soul blood and energy into someone without wanting anything in return - i will have to wait till i’m a mother” (kaur 46). The lessons that I have learned about relationships are not only consisting of partnerships but also with friends and family. Some of the biggest experiences of my life are summed up into small poems in milk and honey, which helps me to come to the realization that even though those moments were tough, I have the right to doubt that relationship and eventually cut ties with the other person. “a daughter should not have to beg her father for a relationship” (kaur 28). Along with cutting ties, the poems have shown me that I am not the only person that goes through these things. A few poems are about relationships with a partner and even though my relationship has had its ups and downs the words that Kaur has written still speak to me, “we’re like fingers on thorns

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