Essay about My Views On My View On Marriage

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Introduction In relation to current culture trends and what the world perceives to be normal, my view on marriage might seem to be old school and outdated, but I believe my mindset has statistical evidence to positively support my stance on couples waiting to live together until after the wedding takes place. This idea has been one I have perceived to be the “norm” for most people when choosing their spouse and awaiting their special day. Obviously, I have found myself to be in the minority in this decision to wait to cohabitate with a boyfriend/ girlfriend leading up until being wed. According to several research journals, waiting to live under the same roof as your loved one until the marriage is consummated has positive, long lasting results on the successfulness of a marriage’s longevity and happiness.
Personal Ideology My ideology originally came from my parents, as well as my home churches’ beliefs while I was learning and growing in understanding of who I was and what I believed and did not believe in a religious sense. Having parents who taught in a way that made religion a decision on my part and not a forced way of life made Christianity and the values of the church one that I could decide to take part in, or disregard all together. Both my sibling and myself were exposed to the teachings of Jesus and based our beliefs and morals on a biblical standard, which had been taught through our Bible church back home, as well as our parents in the home. Forming…

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