Sociology Of Family Essay

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Family is very important to many people. But families have changed over the years. Divorce, remarriage and blended families are more common and accepted. There isn’t a stigma behind divorce or single parents as much anymore. Many young adults are even waiting till there marriage until they are in there 30s. Plus cohabitation is more normal. Families are changing and becoming more tolerant of situations that stray from the norm. Three sociological concepts I can relate to are the family unit, marriage – and its alternatives, and after divorce. A family unit for some is easy to define and for others it can be a little more complicated. The easiest and most common way to define someone’s family unit is the group of people related to them by …show more content…
Marriage is suggested to be the most stable and secure environment for families to function normally. Marriage is not the only living arrangement for people. It is being more popular for adults to live alone, single parents, and unmarried partners. There are also multigenerational households where more than one generation lives together. There are people who delay marriage. People in America have young people who live independently for a period of time to go to school or to work. It is even being more common for people to just stay single. Not long ago, that was the social norm. The norm now is for young adult to cohabitate, which means unmarried romantic couple lives …show more content…
Some couples may decide to get a divorce for many different reasons. The divorce could be easy or it could be extremely hard. There are studies that say people are happier after the divorce then before, which I could understand. It can be stressful, especially if kids are involved. The book says that women’s living standards go down, while the men’s go up because most the time the men are the breadwinners. After divorces children are mostly to still live with their mother and visit their father on certain days or weeks. If the couple got a divorce and has kids it will affect them too. The kids may have to move to a different school, adjust to a new home, or even make new friends. Some kids will even go through depression depending on how bad the divorce

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