My Video Share ( City Hunter ) Essay

865 Words Sep 21st, 2016 4 Pages
Jakkraphat Singraksatrakul
My Video Share (City Hunter) Communication Principle has many ways and in groups of meaning. First Communication is Irreversible which means that of what you say you cannot rewind it back. Another definition that the Russian proverb said that “Once a word goes out of your mouth, you can never swallow it again”. In real life situation, mostly this principle can apply to a young lover that love each other but then soon break up each other. This may cause by having them say bad things but suddenly come out of nowhere that she or he does not like. The Irreversible principles can harm one life because it can change their internal feeling. When one word that they did not mean to say makes the other person feel bad, unhappy, and heartbreak. Normally this does not happen usually because people tend to fall in love with one and another. This may be the cause of him or her being in stress or being annoyed by something that he or she does not like. We usually see many of the Irreversible principle in the movies. For examples, in the movie Break Up, which is about a loving partner who they invited their family to a family get together, but when his lover notice that her husband does not do anything like chores, then she got upset. This situation makes her life him alone by himself. Another movie examples of communication principles called City Hunter. City Hunter which star by a famous actor Jackie Chan play a role of being an detective and has to take…

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