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Where did you get your values?
Throughout history individuals produces their own understanding of the definition of values. My personal understanding of the definition of values is that objects, experience, and knowledge help you determine what is important in your life, which makes up who you are as an individual. Your family, friends, teachers, and etc. usually teach and show you the different values throughout your life. According to Mitchell (1977), “ Many people in this world usually have different tastes in things which are important to them; they learn most of these things from family, nation, region, and it is up to them to determine which is important to them.” An individual has uniqueness about them that helps them pick and chose,
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As a child and teenager, I never experienced the chance of having a relationship because I was to focus on my schoolwork, friend, God, and family. However, that all changed when I met a young gentleman my senior year of high school, Michael, he was very handsome and charming. For two years now, we have been falling in love more and more each day. The reason I consider Intimate relationship as one of my values is because being with someone of the opposite sex to share connections and moments in life is the best feeling in the …show more content…
My mother is my role model, it takes a real woman to take care of three children on her own: one who is 32 now, and two at the age of 19. My older brother and uncles was the vision my sister and I had of a father figure because they would help my mother out by watching us while she had to work, and provide materials that helped us when our mother could not afford them. My family is really close, which means when there is a celebration there is no room to breath. My mother explained, “A big loving family, is a big loving heart (Scarborough, 2016). This means the love we share amongst each family member makes our heart fill a lot bigger. Also, family is the beginning to showing individuals right from wrong.
This value may seem strange to a lot of individuals because some may think why education? Education helps better our lives from flipping hamburgers to making a difference in the world by becoming a social worker. Yes, a cook at a fast food restaurant is very important because without them we would not have different varieties of food sources. However, going to school to become a social worker is more rewarding to me, due to the fact helping someone who is fighting abuse, depression, or trying to find self worth is so much more rewarding than working at a fast food restaurant.

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