Pros And Cons Of Values

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A.A value is an enduring belief. Many of our most basic beliefs are values. They tend to be somewhat broad and abstract. Most people only have a few dozen values.

B.Values are the key components in most societies and these values can differ from other different cultures. Most values are anchors that have been created to regulate certain behaviors that can seem to be unsavory or morally wrong. Other values can be passed on through generations of certain beliefs in which simple ideas have been expanded to dogma. Many other values can be dictated through figures of power as seen through religion.

C.A perfect description of values is as stated here in this line “ Marriage is between a man and a women”. This description
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A.A learned and relatively enduring belief predisposition to respond one way or another to an idea or event. Attitudes are usually not held as strongly as most beliefs. This makes them, in general, an easier target for persuasion.

B.Attitudes are composed of basic human instincts that have been taught and adapted through each generation . Common attitudes can be found in areas where a certain degree of beliefs are the majority in which opinions are created. Some attitudes can be found in areas of normal life such as sports, politics, and predisposed similarities with everyday things. Popular attitudes can be seen as norms and are acceptable by certain communities.

C.A unique illustration of the idea of Irish attitudes as quoted in the popular Irish belief, “ The Northern Irish are traitors to their own people”. The irish attitude of religion is a great way to see a great predisposed belief of differences.

3. Source Beliefs

A.These are beliefs about who can and cannot be trusted or believed. In other words, they are beliefs about the sources of beliefs. Our belief in who is a credible authority figure, after all, just another of many
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Contrast Principle

A.The difference between two or three things that come one after another influencing perception for the individual.

B.A use of the Contrast principle is when a company sells cellphones that each have the same apps, but not the same music players. Many utilize this method to not just sell something, but to make their idea seem more feasible compared to others. Politicians popularly use this tool in ads where they attack the competition and make themselves look like the best option. Everyday life is filled with this principle in what is watched on television, foods consumed by the individual, and ideas that are spread across.

C.A unique illustration of this is Hollywood 's method of making movies with the same plotlines, but has different actors that are seemingly more attractive than their counterparts. For instance the film “ No strings attached” is slightly contrast to another movie “ Friends with benefits” both of these films are truly the same film.

3. Judgemental Heuristics

A.Mental shortcuts that create the tendency to respond to situations mechanically vs controlled responses that are important to

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