Importance Of Core Value Essay

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There are many things in life we value. We may value our friends, our assets, our jobs, maybe. We can have more than one value, and I have many myself, but my core value in life that I live by is family comes first. This is much deeper than just choosing family over something else. It’s much more complex than that. The definition of value is the way that something is held to deserve; the importance of something. That being said, putting my family first is my priority. In other words, value is something uniquely chosen to be your go to what to do core. If you’re stuck morally on what to do, where to go, who to be, or how to act, your core value is what helps you decide. My core value is, and always will be, family comes first. When I say family comes first is my core value, I’m sure this is …show more content…
It’s helped me to grow as a person and to have a great, strong relationship with my wife. I’m not saying it’s always easy or that I never have any issues within my family, but I know that at the end of the day, I lay my head down on a clean slate. Personal issues aside, I know we all love eachother very much and we go to be happy. Without my family, life would go on, but it would never be as great as it is now. My family is my life. I’ve become so passionate about my family over the past few years. i visit my immediate family weekly and my extended family usually once a month. My family has impacted me so much and changed who I am as a person. I hated school, yet I’m going to college. I wouldn’t be where I am in life without their impact on me. I wouldn’t have the vehicle that I have. I wouldn’t have perfect little mini-me that I do. I wouldn’t get to lay my head down next to the most beautiful woman in the world, nor call her mine. I thank God for them every day. I’m just so glad that the people in my live, the ones I was born to and the ones God gave to me, because they have truly reshaped my outlook on

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