Reflection Of My Values

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Values are the standards of behavior or guiding principles which I consider critical and essential in making or breaking a person’s character. They are held in high esteem and believed to be vital to the success of the general public by a particular society or environment in which a human lives. They’re what I choose to invest time in and are clear indicators of what I believe matters most. They are also what I use to guide my interactions and behaviors with friends, family, and people around me. My values are a reflection of my spirituality; my character. Freedom of self-expression, empathy, fairmindedness, success, and respect are all amongst the values in which helped shape my personality, life, the way I view the world …show more content…
When trying to do what I personally believe is right for me came some challenges including deciding what I wanted to major in. I faced an existential crisis and was in a constant dilemma. I was torn between choosing what I knew was best for me or choosing to follow my mother’s advice on what she believed was most suitable for me and my future success. I was always told that I was born to be a doctor and was constantly fed with thoughts that Med school was my only option. I felt like if I were to follow my own dreams, I’d be considered selfish and a failure and I would upset my parents and thus all their efforts and money would have gone to waste. However, I knew I couldn’t deceive myself by choosing something I knew wouldn’t make me happy and since I knew exactly where my academic strengths and weaknesses lie more than anyone else I was compelled to finally decide on mechanical engineering. It is what I believed would be the ultimate field for challenge and creativity and therefore allowing me to expand my knowledge and put my values and morals such as empathy and self-expression to effective use. It would also enable me to learn certain values like commitment, responsibility, and self-reliance that are suitable for the respective workplace. Engineers hold multiple responsibilities to the community they work within including protecting the safety, welfare and health of the public, ensuring that society’s funds and resources are well used by developing sustainable technologies, and providing expert advice when needed. It is crucial to realize the centrality of ethical and moral obligations at the core of engineering. An engineer is credited for the quality of his work, his ability to display incredible creativity when confronted with challenges of modern life, and for being able to think for himself and not being influenced by the those around

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