My Value Of My Family

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MISSIONS STATEMENT: My first and foremost value is my relationship with Christ. Despite my really ugly past, God has never left my side even when I have continuely turned against him. My second value would most undoubtably be my family, especially my parents. Both of my parents have made major sacrifices for us and I hope to be just like them as a parent and as an individual. Finally, my last value is my passions and dreams. I have spent many years of my life growing up dreaming about what I wanted to do with my life but never did anything to achieve them because I didn 't think they were possible. I have finally learned to take responsibility for my passions and my dreams and have been taking steps to achieve them.

My relationship with
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Because he never wanted to go back to farming, he tried making a life for himself by excelling in sports. He had many full ride scholarship offers from colleges for basketball and football but unfortunately before he could accept any of them, he found out that his high school girlfriend (my mom), was pregnant with me. He had the choice to leave my mom from the beginning but he chose to stay and he ended up working 14 hour days on roofs in the hot sun just to support us. He would come home with a smile on his face, I remember I would wait for him on top of the stairs, waiting to give him a hug and looking back now I remember that his eyes always seemed sad and tired. He made time to play with me and my brothers and he never let us go hungry. Now, his roofing/construction business is one of the biggest companies in Nebraska. I 'm forever grateful for his self-less sacrifice. My mom homeschooled us until she started taking college classes herself online. She pursued her dreams in Natural Health Science and now owns her own business coaching other people into healthy life styles. She 's supported every silly dream of mine and always been my closest friend. My grandparents have also been a major support system in my life. My grandma will text me every morning with a long note of encouragement to get me through the day. My family is one big support system and without them, I wouldn 't be where I am …show more content…
My brothers for the most part got years more of experience than I did and in result they excelled in sports. My oldest brother is the quarter back for Grand Island Senior High 's sophomore team which went undefeated this season. Caleb is the most athletic kid in the family in basketball and football and was asked to be featured on the show Friday Night Tykes while we lived in Austin. Benjamin is also pretty good on the field but enjoys playing the sport for fun rather than competition. After watching my brothers do so well, I started feeling like an outcast because I didn 't have as much talent as my brothers did. I felt like the disappointment of the family and was ready for an average life style. After going to Africa, I realized that I had the potential to actually change lives and that I might not be all that great athletically, but I still had talents else where to use for the better of society. I am now extremely motivated and work hard to excel in all my classes so I can be the best of the best and provide superior education to my students. I have grown up always on the side lines of everyone else’s dreams encouraging them to achieve their goals but I have never taken the time out to focus on

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