My Vacation Trip At Colorado Essay

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Have you ever been able to enjoy a vacation with more than just your family? In 2008 my family went on a vacation to Colorado and along with us were our neighbors. My neighbors are Carol and Gene Winter, and their kids are Tanya, Tracy, and Brad Winter. Both of our families did the same activities while we were on vacation in Colorado. The time we spent in Colorado was spent sightseeing, traveling, and doing activities we can not always do in Iowa. We only had about five days for sightseeing and activities because we were only on vacation for eight days, and three of the eight days were spent traveling to and from Colorado. This vacation I went on with my family and my neighbors in 2008 was the best family vacation I have ever been on.
To begin my favorite vacation, my family met up with Carol, Gene, Tanya, Tracy, and Brad in Lawler at seven a.m. to leave for Colorado. Our two families were very close when we went on vacation. Our vehicle was jam packed with myself, my three sisters, Karleen, Morgan, Tierney, and my mom Kim and my dad Pat. So throughout the dive to and from Colorado we swapped vehicles, intermixing our two families for the long drive. Colorado is a twelve hour drive, so once our vehicles reached the northeast corner of Colorado, we took a break and stayed the night. That night we stayed with some family friends that used to live in the Lawler area, reminiscing on old times and just enjoying ourselves. Bright and early the very next morning the Winter’s and…

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