Personal Narrative: My Transitioning Into College

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Coming into college was a scary thought. I was one of those students who loved high school and would not have changed any of it for the world. I came from a small high school in South Dakota. So, coming into college and having thousands of people compared to maybe two hundred in the whole school was a drastic change. I graduated with a class of thirty-two and that is only because we have four foreign exchange students. Transitioning into college was a huge change that I was not ready for. I have had multiple transitions into college. My transition to college was a lot sooner than some students because I came with JumpStart. JumpStart is a program for students who have low income. It gave me a chance to come to college in July and get a college …show more content…
Which I was correct that they would be but it did not stop me from doing well. I just had to focus and make sure I put more effort in the homework than I did in high school. Your study habits do change greatly. I used to be the kid in high school who would always be in bed by ten-thirty and have all my homework done by eight. Well in college you try to do your homework when you can. But, for me I always worked right after my classes so that meant I was not off work until five at night. Which was not bad because I did the same thing in high school. Well I thought it was going to be the same easiness juggling work, school, and sports. Oh boy was I wrong! I would get off work and then go eat and be done eating at around six by the time I got my food, found a place to sit, and actually eat it. So then I would go back up to my room and try to work on my homework in my dorm room. Well I could not do my homework in my room because my roommate would have music blasting and be talking on the phone constantly. In order for me to get all my homework done I would go into the kitchen and work on it. Well going into the kitchen meant all my friends would pop in and out so by the time I actually got all my homework done it would be about eleven-thirty at night. So once I finally was done with that I would go take a shower and lay in my bed. Well once I finally got to sleep it would be about twelve-thirty to almost one at night. That would also be one of the lucky nights when my roommate would be in bed before

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