My Time Management Sheet

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Based on my time management sheet, I do think I am a productive time manager. Looking back over my five-day week, I see that I was able to fit a lot of events into my week, while also making sure I kept up with my academics. I am a very busy student, so I think that I managed my time well and completed what was necessary. I also made sure to take time out for myself (especially on the weekends), and talk to my family as well, as my family members keep me grounded. The total amount of time I spent studying and doing homework for the five days came to be about 12.5 hours. Based on the studying rule (every one credit hour equals two to three hours of studying outside of class) I should be studying between 26 to 39 hours per week. Thus, my studying for my documented week is a little bit under half of what I should be doing. This means that I have to set aside more time to study each week to ensure that I excel in my courses. One limitation to this calculation, however, is that I only …show more content…
However, I am learning that it is okay to say “no” and still maintain my reputation and fail from disappointing people. I am definitely not the only college student who has tried to fit too much on their plate, and discovered that some things need to be taken off of that plate to make life easier to handle. Thus, I know that it is more important to please myself than it is to please others. When reading the worker bee description, I found that I really only relate to one aspect of it, which is the fact that I don’t seek clarity and jump right into assignments. This ties in with the goliath category, in which one doesn’t ask for help to refrain from appearing “weak” to others. I did this a lot in high school, but now that I am at college, I understand that asking for help is greatly encouraged because it can provide a wide range of opportunities and enlightenment for a

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