Essay on My Time For My Life

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Hearing my mother’s voice waking me up at 5 o’clock in the morning during my summer vacation was not always my cup of tea. This was supposed to be my time to sleep in and enjoy not going to school. However, my mother insisted that I was not allowed to stay at the house--no matter how much I begged and pleaded. During the summer my mother had to go off to work everyday while my father would work around the farm. Every summer I spent the entirety of my time helping my father out on the farm. He taught me that hard work was the surefire way to get what needed done, done. He taught me that no matter what hardships or inequalities that may happen, everyone has the same choice to be a hardworking person. That the only possible solution to getting anywhere in life-- pure hard work.
From the earliest age I can remember, my mother always gave me two choices during the summer: go to the babysitter for the day or I can help my father all day around the farm. I would kick and scream because I hated my babysitter. She could have been borderline abusive because she always forgot to feed us at appropriate times, and she would yell at us for the littlest of things. So going to the babysitters was most of the time out of the question. The only other choice my mom gave me was to go spend the day outside, in the blistering heat following my father around. That was the summer with my father-- sweating and not enough sleep. Every day in the summer I would be woken up at five in the morning with…

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