My Time Administration Style Is A Blend Of Spirited And Mix Essay

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1) What trends in your time management style do you notice in Part 2?

My time administration style is a blend of Spirited and mix. When I anticipated the Urgent x Important matrix theory, I noticed that I am an early bird when I get an assignment; I immediately identify all the tasks involved and plan my time accordingly. I am almost always in a hurry and impatient. My direct management style reflects me because I am action-oriented, making quick decisions and implementing them rapidly. I’m usually one of the first people to arrive for class or group meetings. I like putting myself ahead of time and see to that everything is organized.

On the other hand, I also like having control over my own schedule so I can “switch it up” to keep school and life interesting. I enjoy handling a variety of tasks and projects at once, although doing so doesn’t necessarily make me more productive. I am also easily distracted, finding it much easier to begin a new project than to finish an existing one, this shows my spirited style and a multitasking because I often underestimate how long it takes to complete a task.

2) What percent of your time is being spent on things that are NOT directly related to doing well in your school?

It relies on upon the day and given workload and anxiety I am under. Despite being a full time student, maintaining a 3.077 GPA, and working 20 hours a week, I also take the initiative to enhance my education outside the classroom. Like every normal person, I…

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