Essay on My Thoughts On My Life

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All throughout my life, my stepfather Jason Sebastian has been my helping hand through the storm called life. When he came into my life I was four years old and he had his hands full. Not knowing what to expect, he was able to show me resilience. Even though Jason had taken over the role of my father at a very young age I don’t call him dad. I have gotten so used to calling him by his name that it has grown on me as a name but also as a meaning. Whenever I hear the name Jason I automatically think of a strong heartfelt person who balances two businesses, a family and somehow still finds time to do what he wants. I hope when I become a parent that I have the same amount of love for my children that Jason has for me. He would truly do anything for me. He has shown me how to cope, be confident in everything and what good character is.
When I was just about to turn four, and my mother and I lived in our one story house in Kalamazoo, my mom introduced me to Jason for the first time. He came on Valentine’s Day and brought me a red and white teddy bear which I named Kissy Bear. He also brought me a Winnie the Pooh movie.
A year later, Jason and my mother decided to build a two-story house with a two car garage for the three of us in Springport. My mom and I packed up our belongings and moved to our new house where I had my own floor with a bathroom, a loft, and bedroom. I grew up and was raised in the agricultural community of Springport. Seeing Jason open his arms to me and my…

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