My Thoughts On Entering High School Essay

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When I first thought about entering high school, I do not remember how I felt. I do not remember my exact emotions; but what I do remember are my experiences. I remember how lost I felt in the maze of high school hallways. I can recollect how fearful I was of seniors. I can remember the beauty of pretty girls faces, the gossip groups of teenagers, and how cool it seemed. I can remember them laughing, talking, having a good time. I wanted that, because if it 's one thing I noticed. It was that I didn’t have a lot of “friends” that I was actually with. I wanted one thing, popularity.
I thought popularity was a goal to have in high school. I wanted to be the coolest kid, have the most friends, and everyone would like my company. I believed popularity was a real thing, it was true. I was brainwashed by social media and I didn’t grasp the idea of paying attention and focusing on school. I wanted to be popular but as I grew up I realized popularity isn 't true, its fake. There are groups of friends that we associate ourselves with, and there are group of friends we do not associate ourselves with, and we mistake this for popularity. Popularity is simply created in our minds because we believe we all belong in a specified category, we call this stereotypes. Whether we believe we belong to the popular stereotype, or the skater kid stereotype, it truly doesn 't matter. You belong in your own stereotype. But how do you figure this out? You hang out with friends that say nice things…

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