Reflective Essay: My Success To College

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Success to College When I started college I was excited but also extremely nervous. I came in saying I was going to get straight As but then I started to struggle, slowly losing hope in my grades. I am slowly stating to get the hope again that I can get the As I want I am trying much harder than before. I decided that giving up wasn 't an option, as I had been in this exact spot many times in high school. So as I sat in my classes I paid more attention and took notes. I realized I needed a plan to get through the semester to I decided to make a schedule do certain things certain days, do homework of some kind every day, and actually study for my test. So that I could actually succeed in college like I was planning from the beginning. I am not a very …show more content…
I 've always been pretty good at taking test, so I have no reason to study or I thought. When i got in to my nursing class my junior year of high school I started studying but not very efficiently. Then my second year in nursing my senior year of high school showed me I had to study, so I joined a study group. I learned many techniques of studying, so when I started struggling I brought out them techniques and used them to study for my test this year. I really struggled this semester but I 've figured it out my first year into something is always really hard for me but I learn what I need and get better at it. I learn and fix and move on and make it all work out for the best, so that I succeed. I may struggle with things but I always figure it out like I did this semester, I made a schedule, I do homework every day, and I actually study for my test. It 's a long process but I got it under control and I 'm learning the most efficient way to manage my schedule and to get my work done. Growing up is hard and growing up and going to college is even harder but I 'm figuring it out just like all the other people my

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