Essay on My Students With The Best Literacy Learning Experiences

1274 Words Dec 15th, 2016 6 Pages
This course has provided me with a strong understanding of how students in the primary grades learn to read and write and what I need to do to ensure I provide my students with the best literacy learning experiences. More specifically, I have learned foundations of literacy instruction, principles of effective literacy teachers, stages of literacy development, common core standards, the reading and writing processes, different way to assess and assessment tools, how to organize for reading and writing, classroom management skills, how to support all students in literacy, vocabulary development, and technology resources to encourage literacy. From class discussions, readings, notes, and my practicum experiences, I have a clear picture of how I will set up literacy time in my future classroom. Throughout the course, the most important thing I have learned is the importance of implementing a well-rounded, balanced approach to teaching literacy. (main theme)
In the first few weeks of class, I learned about the “five essential components” of literacy instruction, as well as nine principles of effective literacy teachers. The goal of literacy is to ensure all students achieve their literacy potential. The “five essential components” are phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Although these were things I knew before coming into this class, I never understood the high importance of practicing these things in the elementary classroom or what this looked…

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