Importance Of My Literacy Experience

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This year I have the honor of spending my days with 24 five year just starting their literacy journey. The undertaking is a daunting task (thankfully I have an amazing classroom teacher leading the way), the standards in place for kindergarten students are high. Finding a balance between strategies that distill a text into identifying letters and producing letter sounds, and allowing the students to find delight in a book of their own choice is imperative. I am humbled daily by their fortitude and willingness to participate in the tasks necessary to become lifelong readers and writers. The pendulum swings between excitement and frustration during our ELA lessons, which leads me to reflect on my own literacy experiences, and wonder and hope that I can give them what they need.

My earliest reading experiences date back to times spent with family, mainly a group of cousins that I was close to for the majority of my childhood. My Grandmother was the matriarch of this brood who insisted we stay connected and spend time together as a family often. During these family gatherings the kids were always sharing, and reading books, it was always exciting to check out the books at a
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This period did start my affection for information based texts. I have hiking and trail guides that are over 20 years old, gardening, photography, and how-to-books that would be considered relics. My kids love to peruse them. Recently my 14 year old asked “ why do you have all of these books?” Can’t you just google it?” After a good laugh, I had to remind them that I grew up without the internet….wild times indeed. I could spend hours in the nonfiction section of a library or bookstore, and absolutely love reading research

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