My Strengths And Personal Strengths Essay

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Prior to conducting an interviews or beginning my strengths assessments, I had a very good idea in mind of what my strengths were. I’m still learning to identify my weaknesses are, but from the start, I knew what I was good at. I’m a good people-person, and staying organized and on task is one of my most valuable strengths. I received more assurance when listening to my closest family members tell stories of me at my best, and learning my top five strengths.
When interviewing with my dad, he told me a story of me at my best when I was younger, only in kindergarten. Remembering this story, he told me, he said it was one of the very first clues to himself and others around me that I could someday become a teacher, much like my mother. I was already picking up on the traits I’d seen my mother use, and he knew that would only continue to develop.
In my kindergarten class, there was another young girl, Erica, who was mostly blind. According to my father, he always remembered hearing praise from my teacher about my willingness to step up and help Erica out when needed. There were many instances where the teacher would be off helping another student, and if Erica was struggling with the reading or moving around the classroom, I helped her out. I’m a very observant person- I watch and think carefully before I act, and would easily pick up if she was struggling. I would walk with her to recess, accompany her in the lunch line, and always make a point to include her in…

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