Employability And Transferable Skills Essay

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In this report, I am going to describe my own skills that I have already had and I can demonstrate them. Many people, like me, are opting for career in order to move to different sectors for better opportunities. The choice is determined by a number of skills, in various sectors of employment. For this reason, I want to report my personal attributes that will determine my own career path. Also, I want to report the ways in which I will highlight and fix my strengths and my weaknesses characteristics. Subsequently, I refer in PPD1, which help me enough to develop as a student. Firstly, I will report on ‘Employability and Transferable Skills’ that play an important role in my professional life. Key features for my professional restoration are the skills of communication. This feature is based on good communication acquired through studies. The communication whether oral or written must be correct in order not to become misplaced or misconstrued. I believe that I am good in communication because, I understand the opinions of others. Furthermore, I speak clearly, directly and can change information, ideas and feelings with other people. I can also use the numerical skills, because I love maths and I can easily teach others. Planning and organizing skills is one of my benefits. I can easily manage my time and …show more content…
I learned useful and important information. I discovered positive and negative elements that I did not know about myself. The ways I can develop myself as a student and smart tips to become even better. The PPD1 is a lesson that helped me understand how to present ideas to a firm or even a group. I learned how to work with my fellow students, make presentations that scared me before, because I had no the appropriate knowledge and proper guidance by Professor. I also improved the way of thinking and acting. The PPD1 is a useful and important lesson for my personal life and my future

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