Personal Reflective Essay: How To Lead A Team

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I believe that I can lead a team successfully and this can be shown when we had gone paint balling. An example of this is when we went paint balling I had taken charge for a game and had to give orders when leading the team.
I brought many qualities to my team such as determination and strong leadership. I am a good leader as I can help my team when needed and can also give orders to help them. We had to defend our point I had assigned members their roles and told them what they would be doing. Throughout this I was giving orders telling a team what to do. We had gathered round before the game had started and began thinking of a plan and what was the best way to win and how to ensure that we don’t lose players. For this I had asked some members
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An example of one off my strengths while leading this team was when we were down and losing I had inspired my team and motivated them to keep going although we had still lost my team had taken it in a positive way. I had shown my strengths as a leader is multiple ways such as during the game. I had done this by giving out ideas which my team could use to overcome certain challenges. An example would be that I had told my team how many people were left and what the best way to beat them was. I had come up with numerous plans and had assigned members a role this motivated the team by making them believe that we had a plan and that we could win. This was a strength and it had worked well as I had inspired my team to work well together. My strengths as a leader had a huge impact the way the team was preforming. As the game going I began to get more confident in my role as a leader and by the second game I had organised my team and had no longer randomly assigned them to a role like I …show more content…
I had also used Belbin’s theory and can be compared to a number of different team roles I was considered to be a monitor and had to evaluate the entire team member and see how they would like to handle situations tying it to democratic. While leading a team I had used different techniques and methods. I strongly believe that I can compare myself to a Theorist in Honey and Mumford’s theory. This was similar to Democratic as when members had suggested decisions which others in the group supported I began to switch to these and decided to build on this to see how we can handle

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